112G Retimer/Gearbox


The Heron (CRT88321) is a low power 1.6T Retimer / 800G Gearbox suitable for both backplane and front panel applications including HyperScale Data Centers, Cloud-scale Switches, AI, Telecom/Datacom and applications with advanced NIC Cards.

The device has Credo’s innovative 112G SerDes technology at its core to delivery the bandwidth, scalability, and end-to-end signal integrity at low power needed to meet the demands of advanced networks up to 1.6T with single-lane 25G, 56G, or 112G connectivity.

Heron supports bi-directional/full duplex 1.6T (16 x 112G PAM4) in the retimer mode and 8 x 112G to 16 x 56G PAM4 in the gearbox mode. 25G and 10G NRZ is also supported. Heron is cost effectively manufactured on TSMC’s 12nm process.


16, bi-directional
Data Rate
10 - 112 Gbps, programmable
Insertion Loss
30 db MR+
Output Voltage
100 – 1,000 mVp-p, programmable
10W per 800G Retimer
Power Supplies
1.8V +/- 5%, 1.3V +/- 5%, 0.8V +/-5%
Operating Temperatures
0 – 105°C
Operating Temperatures


  • Multi-channel bidirectional retimers for 10 - 112Gbps
  • Superior random jitter performance
  • Up to 30dB insertion loss
  • CEI-112G-VSR/MR PAM4 compliant
  • CEI-28G-LR and CEI-28G-VSR/SR/MR compliant
  • TX equalization with programmable main, pre, and post-cursor
  • Fully adaptive and programmable RX equalization with CTLE,FFE, and DFE
  • Auto negotiation between the link partners on both sides of the retimer (IEEE 802.3 clause 73)
  • KR back-channel training (IEEE 802.3 clauses 72,92,93,136)
  • Input/output polarity switch control
  • Register control via I2C or standard MDIO interface
  • Built in diagnostic features including PRBS generator and checker, PRBS FEC Analyzer, internal eye monitor and analog test point

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