Credo 800G MACsec LR Retimer/Gearbox Named Gold Winner of Security Solutions in 2021 Edison Awards

San Jose, Calif., May 13, 2021Credo, a global innovation leader in advanced connectivity solutions delivering high performance, low power connectivity solutions for 100G, 400G, and 800G port-enabled networks, today announced that Edison Awards selected the Owl 800 MACsec as the 2021 Gold Winner in the Security Solutions category.

Owl 800 is the 800G member of the Credo MACsec family.  The device provides MACsec or IPsec functionality and operates in Retimer or Gearbox modes. As Cloud providers and Telco service providers adopt 400Gbps and look toward 800Gbps, the adoption of purpose-built MACsec is jumping. In data center networking applications, the shift to fixed CLOS architectures is increasing the adoption of MACsec, especially in the DCI layer.

End-to-end encryption is becoming more common. Where packets cross between two locations, MACsec encryption secures user/enterprise data from the moment it leaves a Cloud's data center to the moment it enters the next.

The Owl 800 (CMS550216) supports bi-directional 16x56G PAM4 to 16x56G PAM4. It is suited for both backplane and front panel applications, including cloud-scale switches, high-density routing platforms, and advanced server NIC cards.

"We're very pleased that the Owl 800 has been recognized with the prestigious award," said Scott Feller, Credo VP of Marketing. "Our MACsec makes end-to-end data integrity possible without sacrificing throughput at a time when both are critical," Feller continued.

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