End-to-end Serdes Interconnect Solutions for Next-Generation Platforms

Technology Approach

Bandwidth requirements continue to grow due to demand from applications like big data, mobility, and cloud. Designers rely on Credo’s technology to accelerate throughput and deliver robust end-to-end signal integrity in next-generation platforms requiring single-lane rate 28G, 56G, and 112G connectivity.

Credo is a global innovation leader in Serializer-Deserializer (SerDes) technology. We have consistently broken through perceived technical barriers, delivering industry-leading speed, power and equalization. Our unique, patented mixed signal architecture is the foundation for connectivity solutions and robust IP offerings.

Our foundation rests on three technology pillars.

Purpose-Built Design

  • High speed analog
  • Mixed signal DSP
  • Ease of system-level integration

Manufacturing Efficiency

  • High-yield, n-1 process nodes
  • Advanced packaging
  • Faster time-to-market


  • Tightly coupled firmware
  • Complete SDKs
  • Secure, remote accessibility


  • First CMOS 50G NRZ SerDes IP (achieved in 40nm)
  • First public demonstration of 100G PAM4 (achieved in 28nm)
  • First 3.2Tbps XSR Retimer with 112Gbps Lane Rates (achieved in 12nm)
  • First 112G XSR SerDes IP with 112Gbps Lane Rates
  • First 400G Active Electrical Cable (AEC)
  • First 800G Active Electrical Cable (AEC)
  • First public demonstration of a Distributed Disaggregated Chassis Switch with AEC
  • First implementation of a 350Tb Router, the World’s largest, with AEC

From our earliest days, Credo has been at the forefront of SerDes IP for custom ASICs. Integrate Credo SerDes in your next generation ASIC sooner and at lower cost/risk with our IP and Chiplets.

Credo’s Retimers, Gearboxes and MACsec devices support PAM4/NRZ line card and backplane connectivity up to 112G per lane supporting platforms up to 25.6Tbps with 800G ports.

Our industry-leading high-performance, low-power and cost-optimized 50G to 400G PAM4 optical DSPs are designed to enable cloud-scale data center and 5G wireless network build-outs.

Our distinctive purple HiWire Active Electrical Cables (AECs) integrate Retimers, Gearboxes, and FEC functionality into smaller gauge copper cable as an alternative to AOCs and DACs at 400G and beyond.