Credo Announces 1.6Tbps OSFP-XD HiWire AECs Targeting Hyperscaler Spine Switching

New Terabit Class AEC with Industry leading Energy Efficiency is Key to Enabling 1U 51.2Tb Switches

San Jose, Calif., Oct 18, 2022--Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: CRDO) today announced the 1.6Tb OSFP-XD HiWire CLOS Active Electrical Cable (AEC) supporting lengths up to 2.75m in a thin, compact, cable form factor to support the dense spine switching requirements for next generation hyperscale data centers. The new 1.6Tbps AEC will be showcased at the OCP Summit at the San Jose Convention Center in the Credo Booth (A2) and the OCP Experience Center, October 18-20.

"The OSFP-XD represents the culmination of 18 months of broad industry collaboration to enable the next generation of 51.2Tbps switches in a 1U form factor,”  said Don Barnetson, Vice President of AEC Product at Credo.  “This 1.6Tbps AEC offers new levels of performance with excellent energy efficiency – using less than 20W of power. By leveraging a mature, low-cost 12nm process, we hit the mark for cost while reducing power and increasing density. It’s is a game changer for our customers.”

"Credo’s has clearly been leading the field in AECs, and we forecast that AECs will quickly replace direct attached copper as Hyperscalers continue to make gains with cloud deployments, enterprise and service providers” said Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst at 650 Group. “Applications such as AI and machine learning will drive AEC adoption to support server to Top-of-Rack switching as server speeds continue to increase and products like the 1.6Tbps OSFP-XD AEC will drive new data center buildouts.”

The 1.6Tbps OSFP-XD AEC supports 16 bi-directional lanes of 112Gbps communication with an industry standard Attachement Unit Interface (AUI) on each end.  It supports cable lengths up to 2.75m using a compact 32AWG cable connecting the two ends that is no larger than two Cat6e cables.  The OSFP-XD AEC consumes less than 20W of power per end and offers the most reliable, lowest power interconnect for in-rack applications such as Distributed, Disaggregated Chassis (DDCs).

Credo’s OSFP-XD AEC  will begin sampling to customers this fall. All Credo product offerings are supported by evaluation boards, simulation models, characterization reports, reliability reports, design libraries and a complete set of supporting documentations. Customers interested in samples of the 1.6Tb/s OSFP-XD AEC should contact

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