Credo Introduces HiWire Pluggable Patch Panel(P3) To Support Coherent Optics & Core Switching Evolution

Let Routers Route!

SAN JOSE, Calif.,- Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd (“Credo”) (Nasdaq: CRDO), an innovator in providing secure, high-speed connectivity solutions that deliver improved power and energy efficiency as data rates and corresponding bandwidth requirements increase throughout the data infrastructure market, is excited to announce sample availability of its HiWire Pluggable Patch Panel (HiWire P3). The Credo HiWire P3 enables service providers and hyperscalers the freedom to decouple pluggable optics from core switching and routing hardware using Credo’s HiWire Active Electrical Cables (AECs).

The HiWire P3 is a single rack unit (1RU), 32 port QSFP-DD appliance that allows standard pluggable optics to directly connect to an AEC without the use of a switch chip. The HiWire P3 provides power, cooling, and control plane access supporting three important use cases:

  1. Enabling coherent optics such as ZR+ to be used on lower-cost and smaller buffer switches which may currently lack the power and cooling envelope, or the software required to directly support them.
  2. Enabling switch and router port speeds to be decoupled from optics speed without having to slow ports down, thereby sacrifice radix and cost, through the use of speed shifting AECs.
  3. Enabling EDFA amplifiers to be hosted in HiWire P3 ports at lower-cost and lower-power overhead, rather than consuming valuable switch or router ports.

“The HiWire P3 enables complete flexibility in the deployment of modern pluggable optics with new and legacy switches and routers.”  Said Don Barnetson, Vice President of Product at Credo. “In the HiWire P3, all of the capabilities of the modern pluggable optics are transparently exposed to the user in an open management platform without the increased power, latency, cost and complexity of a switch.”

"Coherent optics are the future for service providers and hyperscalers, but host compatibility creates real friction in their adoption.”  Said Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst at the 650 Group.  “Credo’s HiWire P3 box addresses key coherent optics friction points in an open, elegant solution that is easy to deploy.”

Credo will demonstrate the capabilities of the HiWire P3 at the Open Compute Global Summit in San Jose, CA and the SCTE CABLE-TEC Expo in Denver, Colorado Oct 17-19, 2023.  At the OCP Global Summit, the HiWire P3 box will be demonstrated live in Credo’s booth #B10 and integrated on Credo’s display in the Experience Center Rack and Power booth.  At the CABLE-TEC Expo, Credo’s P3 will be demonstrated live in booth #829.

About Credo

Our mission is to deliver high-speed solutions to break bandwidth barriers on every wired connection in the data infrastructure market. Credo is an innovator in providing secure, high-speed connectivity solutions that deliver improved power efficiency as data rates and corresponding bandwidth requirements increase exponentially throughout the data infrastructure market. Our innovations ease system bandwidth bottlenecks while simultaneously improving on power, security, and reliability. Our connectivity solutions are optimized for optical and electrical Ethernet applications, including the emerging 100G (or Gigabits per second), 200G, 400G, 800G and the emerging 1.6T (Terabits per second) port markets. Credo products are based on our proprietary Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technologies. Our product families include Integrated Circuits (ICs) for the optical and line card markets, Active Electrical Cables (AECs) and SerDes Chiplets. Our intellectual property (IP) solutions consist primarily of SerDes IP licensing.

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