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Credo Rides the Wave of the Exponential Growth of Data Even as the Economy Slows

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VentureBeat published an article about the Credo’s success, even in the face of a slow economy. Our CEO, Bill Brennan and Chairman Lip-Bu Tan spoke to them about the exponential growth of data, the opportunity in high-speed connectivity, and our engineering origins.

When Credo Technology, went public earlier in mid-February, raising $230 million at a value of $1.6 billion, little did we know that it was going to be such a rare event for 2022.

Initial public offerings (IPOs) have since dried up in current stock market malaise, and IPOs for semiconductor companies are a rare breed anyway. Credo has cash and it is just becoming profitable as well. And it owes this to the growth of the data economy.

Credo makes chips and hardware solutions that provide high-speed connectivity for electrical and optical Ethernet applications in the 100 gigabit to 800 gigabit markets.

That means the datacenter. Credo’s custom semiconductor products use digital signal processors (DSPs), and SerDes (serializer/deserializer) chiplets, or components of chips. They also use active electrical cables and other chips.

Since there is a huge amount of ongoing data creation, analysis, and consumption, Credo believes the data economy will continue to expand on an exponential curve on that front, said Bill Brennan, CEO of Credo, in an interview with VentureBeat. But that expansion has to be seen against the backdrop of a weakening global economy and growing inflation.

“At a macro level, I’m well aware of the macro challenges that we’re facing as we come off of the post- pandemic reality, as well as what’s happening in China that has really slowed down the consumer end of that business,” Brennan said.