MACsec / IPsec

Owl 400

The CMS42550 Owl 400 is a 400G MACsec with 400G LR Retimer / 400G Gearbox modes suitable for both backplane and front panel applications including cloud-scale switches, high density routing platforms and advanced server NIC cards.

The device has Credo’s innovative SerDes technology at its core to delivery the bandwidth, scalability, and end-to-end signal integrity at low power needed to meet the demands of advanced networks up to 800G with single-lane 28G, 56G, or 112G connectivity.

The Owl 400 supports bi-directional 400G (8 x 56G PAM4 <-> 8x56G PAM4 in Retimer mode and 8 x 56G PAM4 <-> 16x28G NRZ in a Gearbox mode) with MACsec. IPsec is available through a firmware update. It is pin compatible with the CMX42550 Sparrow 400G Gearbox. Other related products in this family include the Owl 800.

Owl 400 is cost effectively manufactured on TSMC’s mature 28nm process.


8 / 16, bi-directional
MAC Rate
25 – 28 : 50 – 56 Gbps, bi-directional
Insertion Loss
30 db
Output Voltage
100 – 1,000 mVp-p, programmable
Power Supplies
1.8V +/- 5%, 0.9V +/-5%
Operating Temperatures
10 – 85°C
Register Interface


  • Retimer with MACsec Mode:
    1/2/4/8 x 56G to 1/2/4/8 x 56G
    1 x 28G to 1 x 28G
    1/4 x 28G to 1/4 x 28G
    1 x 10G to 1 x 10G
  • Bit-MUX with MACsec Mode:
    2 x 20G to 4 x 10G
    Any one lane to two lanes with Bit-MUX mode
  • Gearbox with MACsec Mode:
    2 x 56G to 4 x 28G
    1 x 56G to 2 x 28G
    FEC Transcoding
  • Auto-negotiation support for all IEEE defined modes and 50G / 25G consortium modes
  • Link training support for various lane modulation and speed (10G, 28G NRZ, 56G PAM4)•All FEC types (KP FEC, KR FEC, BaseR FEC or no FEC)
  • Proven and certified MACsec engine
  • IEEE 802.1AE MACsec with GCM-AES-256b encryption
  • Advanced low-power equalization architecture
  • Robust programmable TX equalization
  • Fully adaptive and programmable RX equalization with CTLE, FFE and DFE
  • IEEE KP4 RS-FEC (Clause 91) and BaseR FEC (Clause 74)
  • Supports FEC bypass mode for low latency / low power applications

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