112G Retimer/Gearbox

Screaming Eagle

The Screaming Eagle 112G LR (Long Reach) DSP device has 1.6 Terabits per second (Tbps) of retiming
capacity. By supporting port speeds of 1.6T, 800G, 400G, 100G and down to 10G – Screaming Eagle can
satisfy the massive data transit requirements of hyperscalers, enterprises, 5G carriers and service
provider customers.

Its innovative SerDes technology delivers the bandwidth, scalability, and end-to-end signal integrity
needed to meet the demands of advanced networks up to 1.6T with single-lane 25G, 56G, or 112G

Screaming Eagle CRT88322 is a low-power device which functions as a 1.6T Retimer or 800G Gearbox. It
supports LR insertion loss for channels up to 40dB. It is suitable for both backplane and front panel
applications including cloud-scale switches, high density routing platforms, and advanced server NIC


16, bi-directional
Data Rate
10 - 112 Gbps, programmable
Insertion Loss
Up to 40dB LR
Output Voltage
100 – 1,000 mVp-p, programmable
Power Supplies
1.5V ± 3%, 1.2V ± 3%,0.75V ± 3%
Operating Temperatures
0 – 105°C
Register Interface
TSMC 12nm


  • Multi-channel bidirectional retimers for 10-112Gbps
  • Superior random jitter performance
  • Up to 40dB insertion loss
  • CEI-112G-LR/MR/VSR PAM4 compliant
  • CEI-56G-LR/MR/VSR PAM4 compliant
  • CEI-28G-LR and CEI-28G-VSR/SR/MR compliant
  • TX equalization with programmable main, pre, and post-cursor
  • Fully adaptive and programmable RX equalization with CTLE, FFE,
    and DFE
  • Auto-negotiation between the link partners on both sides of the retimer
    (IEEE 802.3 clause 73)
  • KR back-channel training (IEEE 802.3 clause 162,72,92,93,136)
  • Input/output polarity switch control
  • Register control via I2C or standard MDIO interface
  • Built-in diagnostic features including PRBS generator and checker,PRBS FEC Analyzer, internal eye monitor and analog test point

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