106Gbps per Lane Optical DSP

Dove 100

The DOVE Platform Optical DSPs are designed for optical interconnect of Hyperscale/Enterprise data centers, Cloud service providers, wireless service providers, and high-speed data network applications. The DOVE Platform includes DSPs for 100G/200G/400G optical interconnects.

Credo’s proprietary PAM4 DSP architecture minimizes die size and utilizes mainstream silicon process technology to deliver optimal cost, power, and performance for the next generation of optical modules. Pluggable optical modules with Credo PAM4 DSPs enjoy the lowest cost-of-ownership and industry-leading performance, while using minimal power.

Dove 100 (CFD30101) is ideal for the next generation of low power, high performance QSFP28 optical modules that support 100GbE DR, FR and LR applications.


Host Side
4 x 25G NRZ
Line Side
1 x 106G PAM4
Package Size
7mm x 7mm
Operating Temperature
0° to 85°C
Communication Interface
Optical Modules


  • DSP with industry-leading performance
  • Adaptive CTLE and multi-tap DFE and FFE on line and host side receivers
  • Multi-tap FIR filter on line and host side transmitters
  • LOS and LOL detection
  • Diagnostic features including pattern generators and checkers, eye monitor and loopbacks
  • Optimized, compact firmware
  • Low power dissipation

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