106Gbps per Lane Optical DSP

Credo Dove 850

Dove 850

The Dove 850 is a uni-directional 8 x 112 GB/s Digital Signal Processor (DSP) IC that is optimized for Linear Receive Optics (LRO), also known within the industry as Half-retimed Linear Optics (HALO). In an LRO transceiver or Active Optical Cable (AOC), only the transmit path from the electrical input to the optical line side output includes a DSP for signal retiming and equalization.

As hyperscale data center AI deployments grow rapidly, high-speed optical transceivers and AOCs are critical to connecting thousands of GPUs. Given the huge volume of these optical components, improvements in energy efficiency are essential. Dove 850 reduces DSP power by 50% and optimizes cost while providing customers with an easy to use, robust, and interoperable solution. Transceiver vendors can further optimize the module cost with Dove 850 by employing a variety of optics, including VCSELs, silicon photonics, EML or thin-film lithium niobate as dictated by the application requirements.


Host Side
8x106G PAM4
Line Side
8x106G PAM4


  • Powerful copper optimized DSPs on the electrical host side deliver industry leading sensitivity and BER performance.
  • High-performance transmitters come with multi-tap FIR filters and non-linear cancellation, allowing precision optimization at the optical interface.
  • Host side interface supports VSR or extended MR PCB reach, connecting seamlessly with different length switch interfaces without need for customized per-channel settings.
  • Independent phase locked loops per channel support flexible breakout configurations including 2x400GbE, 4x200GbE and 8x100GbE.
  • Full suite of test features simplifies lab bring-up, production testing and reduces time-to-market.
  • Low power dissipation enables higher rack utilization and lower thermal cooling requirements.

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