53Gbps per Lane Optical DSP

Credo Seagull 252

Seagull 252

Seagull 252 (CFD53402) is a versatile full-duplex device that can be used in next generation 4x50Gbps QSFP56 optical transceivers or active optical cables (AOCs) for hyperscale data centers. It supports 200Gbps SR4/DR4/FR4/LR4/ ER4 applications using PAM-4 modulation.

Seagull 252 includes integrated VCSEL, EML and silicon photonics (SiPho) drivers and comes with a full suite of features including Credo’s industry-leading energy efficiency. Together with Credo’s new Teal 200 TIA (Transimpedance Amplifier), the Seagull 252 DSP supports a complete optical transceiver chipset for low power, cost-effective, high-performance hyperscale, AI, and 5G applications.

Seagull 252 includes Credo’s fourth generation digital signal processing technology on the electrical host side and optical line side. This allows for extended host side reach supporting seamless operation over short and long PCB channels outside of the standard VSR specifications without having to modify the device settings. On the optical side, the latest performance enhancements allow customers to relax the optical component specifications, therefore increasing optics yields and lowering the cost.

Seagull 252 block diagram


Host Side
4 x 53G PAM-4
Line Side
4 x 53G PAM-4
Operating Temperature
0° to 85°C


  • Fourth generation DSP on optical side and electrical side delivers industry leading sensitivity and BER performance, providing margin for component variation and high-volume manufacturing
  • Line side Rx performance enhancing features specific to optical link and component impairments
  • Integrated VCSEL drivers with programmable laser currents
  • Integrated EML and SIPho drivers with programmable output swing and equalization
  • High-performance transmitters come with multi-tap FIR filters, allowing precision optimization at both the module electrical connector and optical interface
  • Host side interface supports extended PCB reach without the need for customized per-channel settings
  • Independent phase locked loops per channel support flexible breakout configurations including 4x50G, 2x100G and 1x200G
  • Full suite of test features and loopbacks simplifies lab bring up and production testing to reduce time-to-market
  • Low-power dissipation enables higher rack utilization and lower thermal cooling requirements
  • Use with Credo’s Teal 200 TIA for a complete optical chipset solution

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