TIP and OCP to Accelerate Network Disaggregation Efforts with the Help of DriveNets and its Proven Network Cloud High-scale Solution

DriveNets, UfiSpace and Credo to showcase largest ever live demonstration of a distributed open edge/core router, the first Distributed Disaggregated Chassis, at OCP Experience Center

 RAANANA, Israel, Feb. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DriveNets, the networking software company today announced that the Open Compute Project (OCP) have selected UfiSpace, Credo and DriveNets to give the first ever live demonstration of a Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) model as proposed to the OCP by AT&T. The demonstration in the OCP Experience Center on March 4-5th will be the largest live demonstration of a distributed router cluster ever given in public. The technology is aligned with the vision of TIP (Telecom Infra Project) who also invited DriveNets and UfiSpace to advise on their Disaggregated Open Router Initiative and ensure its alignment with the OCP's efforts around network disaggregation.

 "This demonstration is a key milestone in our efforts to open and disaggregate the traditional network architecture. The demonstration by UfiSpace, Credo and DriveNets is a great proof point for our vision of building any size router in a flexible, low-cost way - from a single white box to a cluster of white boxes supporting a single router entity of 100Tbps," said Rajeev Sharma, Software and Technologies Director, OCP.

Visitors to The Experience Center will see a software based router with a cluster size of 96Tbps with a mix of 100G and 400G interfaces. Participants are also invited to the Experience Centre Lightning Talks for detailed information on the solution. Following the event, DriveNets, UfiSpace and Credo are planning to submit the design of this demonstration to the OCP as an official reference design.

 "We believe that the need to substantially increase network scale, while controlling its cost, created an inflection point for service provider networking. High-scale disaggregated routers suitable for core and edge networks, like the one demonstrated with DriveNets Network Cloud, offer a new foundation upon which the market can build an open and more profitable model. Our new subgroup committed to it – DOR (Disaggregated Open Router) will be aligned with the OCP efforts singling the strength of support and unity for this end," said Attilio Zan, Executive Director TIP.

In September AT&T submitted their whitebox design to OCP and DriveNets is building on this vision of a large scale distributed routing solution running over a disaggregated cluster of white boxes with new innovative vendors such as UfiSpace, Credo and others bringing fresh energy and possibilities to the service provider market.

A Heavy Reading report recently found that almost half of service providers predict a radical overhaul of their networks in the next three years.

"Collaboration with OCP and TIP is an extension of our efforts to build an industry ecosystem that supports our vision of disaggregated core and edge networks. Demonstrating a large routing cluster of 96Tbps with white boxes from UfiSpace, connected by Credo's innovative HiWire™ technology CLOS Active Electrical Cables and running DriveNets Network Cloud is a triumphant moment for the industry," said Ido Susan, CEO and Co-Founder, DriveNets.

About DriveNets

DriveNets helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) take advantage of the greatest demand surge in Telco history, substantially growing their profitability by changing their technological and economic models. DriveNets' solution – Network Cloud changes the traditional networking architecture that has been in place for the past twenty years by adapting the architectural model of hyperscalers to Telco-grade networking. Network Cloud is a cloud-native software that runs over standard white-boxes, radically simplifying the network's operational model, offering Telco-scale performance at a much lower cost.

DriveNets was founded by Ido Susan and Hillel Kobrinsky, two successful Telco entrepreneurs. Susan previously co-founded Intucell, the company that invented the Self Optimizing Network (SON) which was acquired by Cisco in 2013 for $475 million. Kobrinsky founded the web conferencing specialist, Interwise, which was acquired by AT&T for $121 million.


About Credo

Credo is a leading provider of high performance, mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for the data center, enterprise networking and high-performance computing markets. Credo's advanced Serializer-Deserializer (SerDes) technology delivers the bandwidth scalability and end-to-end signal integrity for next generation platforms requiring single-lane 25G, 50G, and 100G connectivity for 100G, 200G, 400G, and 800G port enabled networks. Credo's HiWire™ Active Electrical Cables deliver plug and play 400G connectivity today that is more affordable than optical solutions and more reliable than copper. For more information, please visit:  www.credosemi.com. Follow Credo on LinkedIn and Twitter.


About UfiSpace

Ufi Space Co., Ltd. spearheads the 5G network white-box platform solution by providing US major network operator the capability to support legacy baseband unit systems and next-gen 5G baseband unit systems operating at 10/25 Gbps and with backhaul speeds of 100/400 Gbps.  UfiSpace has been a champion for open commodity hardware and disaggregated NOS architecture which enables a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional proprietary, closed system. UfiSpace leverages its expertise in hardware platform together with orchestration and virtualization techniques developed by partners to accelerate 5G deployment and the transformation in software defined infrastructure.