Credo Expands High Performance Seagull Family with Integrated 50Gbps PAM4 VCSEL and EML Drivers

Integration Enables Cost Optimized Datacenter 5G Wireless Transceivers with Improved Power Dissipation

San Jose, Calif., March 4, 2022Credo, a global leader in high-performance, low-power connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of its second generation Seagull optical digital signal processors (DSPs). These products are based on Credo’s proven, first-generation SEAGULL platform, with the addition of integrated VCSEL and EML drivers. The new products include the single channel Seagull 51, dual channel Seagull 111, and quad channel Seagull 201 PAM4 DSPs.

Seagull 51 is a single channel DSP that supports bitmux (2 x 25Gbps NRZ to 1x 50Gbps PAM4) and retimer (1 x 50Gbps to 1x 50Gbps PAM4) modes. It operates over the full industrial temperature range and is designed for next generation 5G wireless fronthaul and mid-haul, or datacenter, applications. The Seagull 111 and Seagull 201 respectively, are dual and quad channel retimers which are ideal for high-density, datacenter Active Optical Cables (AOCs) or optical transceivers. Seagull 111 and Seagull 201 include dedicated phase-locked loops (PLLs) per channel and can be seamlessly used in breakout applications.

“Credo’s first-generation Seagull products gained success across different markets thanks to excellent performance and power dissipation,” said Scott Feller, VP of Marketing in Credo. “The second-generation Seagull products extend those capabilities with integrated EML and VCSEL drivers while enabling customers to utilize designs and software based on the first-generation hardware and software for a fast, smooth migration to these new Seagull devices.”

Credo’s Seagull platform is an advanced product family that utilizes innovative design techniques to deliver industry-leading performance and power dissipation to customers. The family is designed in standard 12nm CMOS technology, with optimized product cost structure and lead times to enable price-competitive 5G and datacenter markets and importantly, customer will have the added benefit of security of supply.

All Seagull products include a high-performance DSP and a full suite of performance optimization and testability features. Integrated drivers enable direct connection to VCSELs and EMLs, eliminating the need for external drivers and simplifying the optics interface. The products are designed for optimal component placement, use of standard assembly techniques and high-yield, reliable PCB design.

About Credo 

Credo is a leading provider of high-performance serial connectivity solutions for the hyperscale datacenter, 5G carrier, enterprise networking, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing markets. Credo's solutions deliver the bandwidth, scalability, and end-to-end signal integrity for next- generation platforms requiring 25G, 50G, and 100G signal lane-rate connectivity for 100G, 200G, 400G, and 800G port enabled networks. 

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