MACsec / IPsec

Osprey 400

The CMR52241 Osprey 400 is a 400G MACsec with 400G LR Retimer and 400G Gearbox modes suitable for both backplane and front panel applications including cloud-scale switches, high-density routing platforms, and advanced server NIC cards.

The device has Credo’s innovative SerDes technology at its core to deliver the bandwidth, scalability, and end-to-end signal integrity at low power needed to meet the demands of advanced networks up to 800G with single-lane 28G, 56G, or 112G connectivity.

The NIST-certified Osprey 400 supports bi-directional 400G dual modes (8 x 56G PAM4 <-> 8x56G PAM4 Retimer and 8x56G PAM4 <-> 16x28G NRZ Gearbox) with MACsec and has expanded support for SM4 and IPsec.

The device is cost-effectively manufactured on TSMC’s mature 12nm process, reducing power by 40% compared to the previous family and is pin compatible with Owl 400 (CMS42550).


8 / 16, 8 / 8, bi-directional
Data Rate
10 – 56 Gbps, bi-directional
Insertion Loss
30 db
Output Voltage
100 – 1,000 mVp-p, programmable
Power Supplies
0.8V, 1.25V, 1.8V
Operating Temperatures
0 – 105°C
Register Interface


  • 40% lower power than previous devices
  • Retimer with MACsec Mode:
    8x56G PAM4 to 8x56G PAM4
    SerDes support for 10-56G per lane
  • Bit-MUX with MACsec Mode:
    Any one lane to two lanes with Bit-MUX mode
  • Gearbox with MACsec Mode:
    8x56G PAM4 to 16X28G NRZ
    FEC Transcoding
  • Full MACsec Support:
    512 Full SecY support
    IEEE 802.1AE compliant
    IEEE 802.1AEbn compliant (256-bit key)
    IEEE 802.1AEbw compliant (extended packet numbering)
    All cipher suites supported (GCM-AES-128/256, GCM-AES-XPN-128/256)
    MACsec extensions: passing up to 4 x VLAN tags in clear
  • Full IPsec Support:
    Support for IP/UDP/ESP headers
    Support for packets with VLAN tags
    Advanced IPSec features for Enterprise, Data Center and Telecom applications
  • Supports SM4 Cipher in addition to AES
  • Each port can be configured to MACsec, IPSec or Bypass mode
  • CAVP (Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program) certified by NIST
  • Advanced Software Support:
    SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) API enables multiple Cloud operating systems including SONiC, FBOSS, EOS, OS10, and others

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