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Hire Early and Retain Long-term to Create a Diverse, Engaged Workforce

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Interns – those bright-eyed, bushy tailed young people, often spied on corporate campuses as spring turns to summer - are a secret weapon for Credo. Nurturing the next generation of hardware industry leaders is no small feat in a segment with a high barrier to entry, but Credo mentors take our roles as career stewards seriously. We actively seek potential top performers, including those with non-traditional backgrounds, and partner with organizations that create a pathway of opportunity for diverse talent to enter the hardware and semiconductor industries.

One shining example of the success of our internship program is Chad Cohen. In 2018 when he was hired as an intern in the operations department, Chad had no idea it was the start of a long and fulfilling journey with Credo. After demonstrating his technical expertise and leadership capabilities successfully in various positions within Credo, Chad was ultimately promoted to the role of engineering manager in early 2023.

Reflecting on his journey, Chad shares, “When I started at Credo, I was excited to experience start-up life and the opportunity to learn the inner workings of a hardware company. As a new grad, I had no idea I would find a work “home” and personally grow with the company as it moved from startup, through the IPO phase, and eventually become a public company.”

Chad's success story is not an anomaly. In the most recent years 15 Credo interns have made the transition to permanent, full-time team members. This strategic approach to recruiting cultivates diversity within our workforce and fosters a dynamic and vibrant company culture.

We recognize that breaking into the semiconductor industry without prior experience can be challenging for many individuals. That's why we actively seek out partnerships with organizations like Year Up, a tuition-free job training program focused on closing the opportunity divide by empowering young people to reach their potential through careers and higher education. Through this collaboration, we help provide practical training and access to internships at leading tech companies, including Credo.

Mayra Villafana’s journey at Credo exemplifies the transformative power of the Year Up internship program. Starting as a program management trainee through the Year Up program in January 2022, Mayra quickly proved herself as a star performer. Her dedication and skill set were so impressive that she was swiftly converted into a full-time employee in March 2022, ultimately finding her home in the marketing department.

Looking back on her experience, Mayra says, “When I joined Credo, the pandemic was still very real and the world seemed to be in disarray, but I was inspired by the enthusiasm and spirit I saw from all the employees and especially the executive team. Through the internship program, I was able to “try on” a few different departments while gaining practical experience and paving the way to a role where I continue to learn and grow.”

Investing in interns is a significant endeavor that requires careful management, effective project leadership, and a commitment to providing comprehensive training opportunities. However, the returns on this investment are invaluable. By hiring interns early on, we can identify top talent, develop a pipeline of skilled professionals, and foster a loyal and dedicated workforce. Moreover, by partnering with a program that prioritizes diversity and inclusion, we can create a stronger and more equitable industry, unlocking the potential of individuals who might have otherwise been overlooked.

At Credo, we hire early, invest in interns, engage, mentor, and retain them for the long-term, because we understand that unlocking their potential is not just a boost for them but also a strategic advantage for our company and the industry as a whole. Connecting is our brand and part of our credo as a company, is that we need to create a workplace that is innovative and dynamic, but also truly representative of the diverse world we live in. Thank you to all the interns that have chosen to work with us!