Pluggable Patch panel(P3)

Introducing Credo's HiWire Pluggable Patch Panel (P3)

This innovative solution empowers both service providers and hyperscalers by decoupling pluggable optics from core switching and routing hardware, using Credo’s HiWire Active Electrical Cables (AECs).  At its core, HiWire P3 is a simple media conversion box at L1, providing an electrical trace between the pairs of QSFP-DD ports. Ports are powered and cooled within the system and can be accessed using I2C-bus and use low level CMIS interface API. This model supports 32 QSFP-DD ports, 16 of them supporting up to 25W of power designed to support up to 800G ZR+ modules, while the other 16 can support up to 15W for AEC cables.

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Empower Your Network Evolution with HiWire P3 - Where Routers Truly Route!

HiWire P3

Full Port Utilization

HiWire P3 enables the full utilization of ports, optimizing network capacity and efficiency; Supports for 100G/200G/400G/800G.

Gear-boxing via AEC Connections

Supports gear-boxing via AEC connections between network elements and P3, enhancing connectivity and performance. The P3 Solution provides a SERDES speed-shifting to break a single 400G QSFP-DD into 4 discreet 100G QSFP-28 interfaces.

Coherent Power/Cooling Offloading

By offloading coherent power and cooling requirements, HiWire P3 streamlines infrastructure management.

Open Access to Coherent

HiWire P3 offers open access to coherent modules independent of NOS, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.

Credo Hiwire P3

P3 Products

  • 100G/200G/400G/800G


  • Flexibility
  • Supporting both 400G and 800G optics, HiWire P3 offers unmatched flexibility, enabling organizations to future-proof their networks and adapt to evolving demands.
  • Scalability
  • With support for up to 32 QSFP-DD ports, HiWire P3 provides ample room for expansion, ensuring scalability and growth.
  • Simplicity
  • HiWire P3 streamlines the deployment process, simplifying power and cooling management, and eliminating the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.
  • Interoperability
  • By supporting a wide range of coherent optics and offering compatibility with leading network operating systems, HiWire P3 ensures seamless interoperability and hassle-free integration.