1:1+1 Y-Split


The LP SWITCH Active Electrical Cable (AEC) is the industry’s first Y-Split AEC. It is designed to provide reliable connectivity between servers and the Top-of-Rack (TOR) switch. In a server rack, the TOR is the single point of failure (SPOF) responsible for downtime that sacrifices five-9’s level of service. Data centers architect around this SPOF by standing up redundant racks for failure over when needed. However, the cost and power of redundant racks makes the approach unscaleable.

The Y-split LP SWITCH AEC eliminates the redundant hardware by connecting a server or Network Interface Card (NIC) to dual TORs. Using the SONiC Dual TOR Management Container, the server can automatically failover between TORs in under a millisecond.

The LP SWITCH AECs are offered with 28G/lane link speed with NRZ signal modulation and 56G/lane link speed with PAM4 modulation for next generation NICs and are available with QSFP28 and QSFP56 connectors, inside which are Credo low power, high performance retimers.


Line : Host
1:2 Active/Standby
ConnectorsQSFP28 : 2 x QSFP28
QSFP56 : 2 x QSFP56
Lengths0.5m – 2.0m (1x5.9mm)
CU Gauge
0.5m – 2.0m : 32AWG
ModulationNRZ to NRZ (Retimer)
PAM4 to PAM4 (Retimer)
Link Speeds28G, 56G
Cable Throughput50G, 100G, 200G
Max Latency200ns
PCS Termination
Active/Standby L2 Switch
Power Supply3.3V +/- 5%
Power Consumption<5W per end
Operating Temperature0°C - 70°C
<1e-8 (FEC not required)
I2C ManagementSFF-8679
SFP+ MSA v4.1


  • Unique Y-Split AEC with upstream support in SONiC
  • Replaces hardware hot failover solutions that can’t scale
  • Fully NOS managed
  • Automatic/Manual Failover at <1ms
  • Full observability and control from all cable ends
  • Handles like Cat6e cables
  • Recognizable purple PVC jacket
  • Built-in diagnostic features
  • Hot pluggable
  • RoHS2 compliant

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Watch a webinar by Credo and Microsoft introducing the NIC-to-Dual ToR Failover solution using Credo LP SWITCH AEC managed by SONiC Dual Tor Container.

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