Ethics & Compliance

Since our founding, we have worked hard to be seen as a respectable and responsible player in our sector. Maintaining that reputation requires us to rigorously assess our performance, avoid complacency, and move quickly to deal with any issues as they arise. As laws and stakeholder expectations change, we are committed to continuous improvement as we grow our business, in order to ensure that Credo remains a positive force for people, communities, and the planet.

Our commitment to ESG principles is strengthened by the support of our diverse and independent Board. Their knowledge and experience steer our strategic direction, aligning with ESG values as we navigate our journey as a newly listed company.

ESG Governance

At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to integrity and respect, which has built trust at every level of our organization. Credo leadership has set high governance expectations by fostering open communication and encouraging individuals to report on issues while safeguarding those who come forward. 

Credo ESG

Data Security & Cybersecurity

The last few years have seen us invest significantly in building our IT department and cybersecurity defenses.  We aim to continue adding to our capabilities in this area, and our leadership and Board are committed to continuous improvement.  We take compliance in this space seriously, and effective oversight and training underpin our approach. For example, all Credo employees complete annual data security and cybersecurity training. This training will be updated to reflect the evolving nature of the threats businesses like ours face and to equip our people with the right knowledge and tools to deal with incidents quickly.

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ESG isn’t just about ticking boxes for us. It’s about being on the right side of history, delivering value for our customers, and igniting a culture of continual innovation. It’s also about assessing our current position and identifying what actions we need to take to meet our long-term goals.