200Gbps PAM-4 TIA

Teal 200

Teal 200 (CFP51401) is a 4 x 50Gbps Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) for QSFP56, QSFP-DD and OSFP optical transceivers and Active Opitcal Cables that target high-volume, low-power applications in AI and Hyperscale data centers.

Teal 200 supports 100Gbps SR/DR/FR, 200Gbps SR4/DR4/FR4, and 400Gbps SR8/DR8/FR8 applications that use 50Gbps PAM-4 modulation. Support for 4 x 25Gbps NRZ operation is included for backwards compatibility. The Credo Teal 200 features Credo’s industry-leading low-power dissipation.

This product includes an integrated automatic gain control (AGC) loop and comes with a number of integrated alarms and reporting features, including LOS and RSSI. Programmable transimpedance (ZT) gain and peaking control enable performance tuning with different photodiodes and optical interface designs.

Teal 200 can be used together with Credo’s Seagull 152, Seagull 252 and Seagull 452 DSPs for complete module solution.

TIA Teal 200 block diagram


4 x 53G PAM-4
Operating Temperature
0° to 85°C


  • Compatible with 25Gbps and 50Gbps lane speeds
  • Works with both 850nm and 1310nm PIN photo diodes
  • Captive photo diode interface
  • Automatic (AGC) or Manual (MGC) Gain Control modes
  • Programmable transimpedance (ZT) gain and peaking control
  • Optimized for use with Credo’s Seagull DSPs

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